cBrain F2 - Award Winning Case Management Software

Introduced as "little beauty" when the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation presented the Award in April 2011.

The digital approach has led to significant efficiency gains, increased security as well as higher employee satisfaction.

Reports from the Danish Ministries include an average reduction of case processing time by 1/3, time savings of 30-45 minutes per employees per day and a user survey reporting that 37% of employees are now happier at work. 

Why a Permanent Secretary implements cBrain F2

Ministry of Transport, Permanent Secretary, Jacob Heinsen
"cBrain F2 is a solution that has helped us improve our productivity significantly and it has moved our organization into the 21st century.”

Ministry of Climate and Energy, Permanent Secretary, Thomas Egebo
"I expect that I personally have saved more than half an hour every day as a result of implementing the F2 solution. And 2.5 hours extra Permanent-Secretary-time a week… is a lot!”

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cBrain appointed to the UK government G-Cloud framework agreement

cBrain's F2 product is now available as software-as-a-service through the UK Government CloudStore, along with F2 implementation services and support.

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Click here to visit our UK website with further information on on F2 in the CloudStore www.cbrain.co.uk.

cBrain F2 is different because the software was designed differently

cBrain F2 is different because the software was designed differently

From the very beginning, cBrain F2 was designed as one single, fully integrated system. Built in close collaboration with senior employees and management, taking digitalization of all case management and knowledge processing as the starting point for the design.

The Danish Ministries asked for a software tool that would support any user, from youngest employee to top management, and that would support all work flows - thereby enabling a transformation into paperless, fully digitized work environments.

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About cBrain

cBrain is a software company listed on NASDAQ OMX (CBRAIN.CO). We empower knowledge workers with an all digital work environment that provides measurable efficiency gains by executing business and knowledge processes “paperless”.
For knowledge based organizations seeking to increase efficiency, work transparency, quality of work and employee satisfaction, cBrain offers the cBrain F2 software suite - a revolutionary and highly effective tool for digital transformation of knowledge work.
Supported by strong customer references, cBrain F2 provides organizations with a new way of getting work done, based on a proven fast track to digitize all work and knowledge processes while supporting everybody from youngest employee to top executives including Permanent Secretary, Minister or CEO.

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Contact and Download

cBrain A/S (Headquarter):
Telephone: +45 72 16 18 11
Email: info@cbrain.com
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The art of digitising an agency in 6 months 6/16/2015
Implementation of cBrains's F2 software platform has given the Danish State Administration a digital production system that integrates all case management.
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Council as a Service in UK local government 6/3/2015
Already proven in Danish ministries, the concept of CaaS could represent a paradigm shift in information management, making old fashioned email a thing of the past.
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First F2 Pilot project in the UK 4/28/2015
The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council has signed an agreement with cBrain to pilot F2.
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cBrain selected for SKI 19.02 ASP / Cloud framework agreement 11/28/2014
cBrain won a place in the group of suppliers providing ASP and Cloud Solutions to government organizations in Denmark over the next four years.
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cBrain announces the F2 Production Dashboard 11/13/2014
Offers a new and effective tool for working on and managing a large number of open cases.
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cBrain A/S cBrain USA Nasdaq OMX Nordic
Copenhagen (Headquarter)
Phone: +45 72 16 18 11
Email: info@cbrain.com
Phone: +1 508 281 2700
Email: info@cbrain.com
Nasdaq OMX Nordic: CBRAIN
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