cBrain F2 is different because the software was designed differently

From the very beginning, cBrain F2 was designed as one single, fully integrated system. Built in close collaboration with senior employees and management, taking digitalization of all case management and knowledge processing as the starting point for the design.

The Danish Ministries asked for a software tool that would support any user, from youngest employee to top management, and that would support all work flows - thereby enabling a transformation into paperless, fully digitized work environments.
The result was a new type of all-in-one software solution based on:

"One single integrated desktop called the “knowledge worker desktop”

"A new generalized work flow model for case management"

"A shared digital archive containing all information, formal data as well as informal data including social media exchanges"

Based on and easy to use email-like interface

The “Knowledge Worker Desktop” brings all functionality together. Based on an easy-to-use Email-like interface
cBrain F2 is based on an “Email-like” interface. Most employees can therefore use F2 immediately and welcome the system just as an “Email-upgrade”. And with all functionality and data in one system, users save time as they no longer have to jump between systems, copying data and searching for information.
Clearly this not only reduces training time and implementation costs. It also increases job satisfaction and productivity.

A new generalized model for case management

A new generalized model for case management allows support for any work flow – without programming.
cBrain F2 is based on a generalized model for case management, that has been developed in close collaboration with a number of Danish authorities.
Key elements of the F2 case management model are the user “Actions” and the logical document called a “Matter”. Due to the model, cBrain F2 can support individual work flows and different types of cases without programming.

One shared digital archive

Today, users often have to re-enter data and waste valuable time searching for information because data are stored across many systems. In contrast, cBrain F2 offers a single shared digital archive that contains all information, both personal and shared data as well as formal and informal data (chats, stick-on-notes, etc.).
Versions of data elements (files, logical files, etc.) can now easily be controlled, and user access for both data and functionality can be managed centrally.