Fast implementation and low risk. Based on proven method and cookbook

Standard F2 can be configured to support individual organizational structures and work processes without programming. F2 therefore offers fast, cost-effective and low risk implementation.

Based on learnings from many implementation projects, cBrain also offers a best practice implementation method, which is documented and made operational as an F2 cookbook.

The cookbook not only offers new organizations a fast and effective track to implementing F2. It also offers the ability to get inspired from other government organizations who have transformed into efficient digital working environments.

The F2 cookbook divides implementation into three main phases: technical setup, software configuration and organizational implementation, each divided into tasks.

Technically, F2 can be setup and delivered either as an on premises solution or as a cloud service.

For government organizations who want to run F2 on premises, cBrain offers their IT departments help to setup and F2 internally, supported by documentation, training and helpdesk. In parallel, cBrain is partnering with government secure cloud centers, who offers F2 as a cloud service (Software-as-a-Service).

Today the national Agency of Governmental IT Services in Denmark, which is an agency under the Ministry of Finance, delivers F2 as a service for approx. 10 government organizations, including ministerial departments as well as agencies. With the Agency of Governmental IT Services, cBrain has developed a standard cloud center toolset which can be used by internal IT departments as well as F2 cloud providers.

• Software configuration covers setting up the F2 software to support the individual organizational structure, work processes and routines. Configuration is done by use of an administrator menu, built-in to standard F2 user interface. It therefore does not require technical skills to set up or maintain the F2 configuration. Software configuration is divided into a number of tasks:

• Shoulder surfing: Learning how employees and managers work today

• Setup workshop: 2-3 half day workshops, defining how to support work processes and routines with F2. Based on input from shoulder surfing and combined with best practices and guided by a step-by-step a cookbook questionaire that ensures quality and completeness.

• Software configuration: Setting up F2, using the administrator menu to set up F2 and based on replies from the cookbook questions. In parallel a set of use stories is written, documenting the fundamental work processes and routines. Work processes and routines are presented and verified with management.

  • Super user training: Based on a standard F2 introduction course.

  • Verification: Together with trained super users, work processes and routines are verified, simulating a live situation, which often lead to adjusting setup and use stories.

    • Organizational implementation is based on two tasks: initial training of users and floorwalking. Because F2 is based on a wellknown user interface and supports government routines, most users become familiar with F2 based on a few hours of training. Further training is then delivered by floorwalking consultants and super users, helping users to discover more of the F2 functionality while using the software live.

Based on learnings from the beta phase, F2 is implemented for other organizational units as well as for more work processes. Because configuration of software is managed directly by the administrator module the further rollout, organizationally as well as functionally, is primarily an organizational task, and it can therefore be planned and run using an agile approach and in line with organizational readiness.

F2 in-a-box

Bringing in new software or services in government organizations often impose technical and security work.

To support easy testing of F2, cBrain has developed a pilot testing concept based on delivering F2 as a service "in a box" on premises. F2-in-a-box minimizes technical preparation and security work, and is a smart choice for Alpha projects.

F2-in-a-box is a complete and portable F2 cloud, containing a complete server and cloud environment stack as well as all F2 application software and database. F2-in-a-box has a built in wireless router and delivers, without access to any network or the Internet, F2 as a Software-as-a-Service with access from PCs as well as mobile devices and tablets.

If the Alpha phase is based on F2-in-a-box, the F2 set up and configuration can easily be migrated for an on premises installation or F2 cloud if/when the organization wants to initiate a beta project and go live. This is possible, because all F2 configuration is "just" data in the F2 database, in parallel with content.

The cookbook tasks can be organized, making it possible to pilot and implement F2 based on 3 phases, called alpha, beta and scaling, thereby introducing go/no-go decisions points and thereby minimizing project risks.

During the alpha phase, the F2 software is set up and verified by testing realistic case flows with supers users. For pilot purposes the alpha case is often extended to test F2 for users outside the super user team.

Based on a successful alpha phase, a smaller group of users go live, often using the software for a limited set of work routines like management approvals and/or staff preparing meetings for management to use iPads for their meeting material.