Improved service for jobseekers

Improved service for jobseekers

cBrain recently launched an appointment booking portal for the local government market in Denmark.

The solution allows citizens to book online for meetings with their local job center, so they don't have to spend time queueing in person. The appointment calendar is updated in real-time based on the availability of caseworkers and rooms at the job center.

Two municipalities, Odsherred and Vordingborg, have already entered into agreements with cBrain to implement the solution.

cBrain has received numerous of positive responses and is currently in dialogue with other municipalities about potential deliveries.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency selects F2

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has informed cBrain that it has decided to introduce F2 for use as a case and records management platform. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has approximately 1000 employees in offices spread across the country.

The order is important for cBrain. It shows that cBrain continues to win market share in the Danish market, with approximately 50 public sector organisations choosing F2, including 13 out of 19 ministerial departments.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science selects F2

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has entered into an agreement with cBrain to implement the F2 case and document management platform.

This means that 13 out of 19 Danish Ministries are now using F2. The agreement is important for cBrain as it strengthens cBrain’s position in the Danish market.

The Ministries who have already implemented F2 are:

·        The Ministry of Employment

·        The Ministry for Children and Social Affairs

·        The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building

·        The Ministry of Finance

·        The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs

·        The Environment and Food Ministry

·        The Danish Ministry of Taxation

·        The Prime Minister’s Office

·        The Danish Ministry of Transport

·        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

·        The Ministry of Immigration and Housing

·        The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Interior.

cBrain offers F2 at the UAE Digital Market Place

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has established the Digital Market Place in order to offer cloud solutions, which facilitates fast and smart transformation for federal government entities in the Emirates, managed by IT professionals in a secure environment. TRA and cBrain have agreed to offer the F2 solution, which is a digital platform for government work, as a cloud service at the UAE Digital Market Place …..

University of Bristol signs agreement with cBrain

University of Bristol signs agreement with cBrain

The University of Bristol has signed an agreement with cBrain to provide F2 case and document management in the cloud as their new digital platform. 

F2 will be used to support administrative processes in the university, including for the Secretary's Office and Research and Enterprise Division.

University of Bristol is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK and was ranked within the top 50 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2018.

University of Bristol becomes the 5th education institution to select F2, joining IT University of Copenhagen, Metropol University College, Roskilde University and University College Lillebaelt.

cBrain establishes in Sharjah

cBrain establishes in Sharjah

cBrain FZE (Free Zone Entity) has been incorporated as a legal entity at the new Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park is a freezone initiative, being developed in Sharjah in collaboration with the Sharjah Universities, and cBrain FZE is the first company to incorporate at the new freezone…

Washington based consulting firm pilots F2

Washington based consulting firm pilots F2

cBrain has entered an agreement with Tesla Government to pilot the cBrain F2 model and software. 

Tesla Government Inc. is based in Washington DC and is the first US based consulting firm to pilot F2. The purpose of the project is to build internal competences at Tesla Government, that will allow the firm to run F2 implementation projects in the US.

F2 is an integrated production system, built for government organizations. F2 has been designed in close collaboration with Danish government organizations, and today more than 50 European government organizations run their business based on F2. The F2 product supports, all-in-one and fully integrated, functional areas like knowledge management, formal/informal communication, case and document management, government workflows as well as support for mission critical processes.

F2 will be delivered for Tesla Government as a US operated cloud service.

F2 in the Danish Finance Ministry: Modernising the Modernisers

F2 in the Danish Finance Ministry: Modernising the Modernisers

6 weeks after kick-off, The Danish Agency for Modernisation have gone live with their new digital management system.

We spoke to cBrain consultant, Anette Stang-Pedersen, to find out more about how it was delivered:

“The Agency for Modernisation is part of the Ministry of Finance, and deals with sound financial management and HR leadership across the public sector. 

Like many organisations, previously they worked out of a mixture systems, with key communication often happening by email. In light of the incoming GDPR legislation, they wanted to be sure that they had good control over record keeping. Also, as the Agency is responsible for advising others on financial management, they wanted to be working in an efficient way themselves.  

Using F2 helps them to do that - they now have automated registration of important records, so users don’t have to remember to do anything special.
Working out of cases has also given the Agency a simple overview of work in progress, and control over what needs doing when.

This was one of my first projects since joining cBrain from the State Administration, so I wasn’t sure how different the environment would be. But in fact the Agency of Modernisation has a similar mix of people with a legal and policy background, so it was easy to understand what they needed from the implementation.

The key to implementing at speed is having a strong level of leadership engagement and an enthusiastic organisation. The directors responsible for the project were very hands-on, and were very clear and direct about the goals of the project.

The rest of the organisation has responded well to the change, and we’ve seen some nice comments on LinkedIn, so it’s great to have positive feedback.’

Note: cBrain signed an agreement over the summer with the Finance Ministry to provide a digital solution covering the core department and four agencies. The implementation project includes:

  • The Finance Ministry
  • The Agency for Modernisation
  • The Agency for Digitisation
  • The Agency for Governmental Administration, and
  • The Agency for Governmental IT Services.

The deal consolidates cBrain’s position in the public sector, and showcases the ability to work across departments and agencies.

John Janek joins cBrain North America as CEO

John Janek joins cBrain North America as CEO

Over on LinkedIn John Janek wrote about joining cBrain North America as CEO:

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best experience you ever had with the government?  Chances are you were getting exactly what you needed, when you needed it.  How did you feel in that interaction?  Happy?  Relieved?  That’s the point of the government.

That’s government at its best.  Services for the people, by the people.

Now, how often have you had a less than stellar experience?  Phone calls with different representatives, multiple times at an office, the dreaded “red tape”!  Did you feel like your needs were being heard?  Was the government responsive?  How did the interaction leave you feeling?

Most importantly - do you more frequently have positive interactions or negative interactions?

I’ve spent the last fifteen years in government solving tough problems to make the government bureaucracy work better.  It is an uphill struggle: government processes are entrenched, they are reinforced by intricate webs of self-justification, and they are often obscured by intentionally opaque communications across a broad swath of offices, bureaus, and departments.  

The task of fixing government is something that consumes entire careers.  I thought for sure that’s where I would spend the length of my service: fixing small problems, taking the wins where I could.

Along the way, I saw that cBrain offered a different way of looking at how government works. It wasn’t just a theory, it wasn’t a proposal.  They had been doing it, partnering with the Danish government to co-design a way for more effective teams, communication, process, and ultimately service delivery.  I knew immediately that it offered exactly what I had spent the better part of fifteen years looking for.  cBrain had spent the better part of fifteen years perfecting it inside Danish ministries in one of the happiest places on earth, partnering with one of the most digital governments on earth.  It is no coincidence that good government and happy people go hand in hand!

As the new CEO for cBrain North America, helping governments solve tough problems by getting their teams to work better together isn’t just a mission - it’s a passion.  And now I get to help governments at every level: local, city, state, and federal.  

For me, it’s a dream job with the easiest opening line ever created.  Every citizen deserves good government.  With cBrain there is an easy and proven way to make a difference where it counts and improve where it matters most: delivery to the citizen.


cBrain to deliver F2 for the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs

cBrain to deliver F2 for the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs

cBrain has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs to deliver case and document management for 600 internal users and almost 1000 external committee members. 

cBrain will deliver F2 to the Ministry and the associated Deanery and dioceses.

This means that 12 ministerial departments in Denmark are now using the F2 model and software.

Dynamic Purchasing in Scotland

Dynamic Purchasing in Scotland

cBrain A/S has successfully applied to join the Scottish Government's Dynamic Purchasing System and will now be added to Lot 1 - Digital Projects.

This means that cBrain A/S will be invited to tender for all contract opportunities within Lot 1. Contracts are awarded via call offs, issued by Scottish public sector organisations through the DPS, inviting suppliers to tender for in scope services.

The DPS is intended to support the Scottish Government's Digital Strategy

Thinking Digital Bureaucracy

Thinking Digital Bureaucracy

cBrain CEO, Per Tejs Knudsen took time out to talk to Gary Flood from Think Digital about his experiences working with government ahead of the Think Digital Government conference in London next week.

What is the value proposition of your company, Per?

Simply put, we’re a Danish technology company that helps public sector organisations to solve process problems.  We do this using what we call ‘the Danish model’ for digital bureaucracy – it’s a way of addressing the public accountability requirements found in government while taking advantage of the opportunities for new models and practices brought by the internet age.

What are cBrain’s roots?

We believe that computers challenge traditional paper based bureaucracy – and that all government organisations over time will transform into digital working environments using a refined business model and production system.

To that end, we started working with Danish ministries over 10 years ago, learning about the user needs of civil servants and trying to come up with a model and some software to support them.  Right now we have more than 50 government organisations, including more than half of Danish ministries, successfully using the model and supporting software.

The Danish State Administration has been using cBrain for end to end process management and supports over 200,000 cases every year. It’s seen cost savings of £1.5m as a result of automating tasks with our technology, even managing to reduce one task from taking 5 days to complete to 5 minutes.

You seem to specialise in the public sector? Are you active in any other countries than Denmark?

We do. Our model and software are designed and built specifically for government, although we do have some private sector organisations and unions adopting the same approach.
From what we’ve seen, government organisations in the western world fundamentally work the same way, and that’s based on a model which has been developed over several thousand years, formulated and named the “bureaucracy” by the sociologist Max Weber.

But every country is looking to adapt to the opportunities brought by digital working, so we have been able to re-use our experience to help customers in the UK, Germany and the USA.
We also have the Danish Foreign Ministry as a customer – so in fact we are active in 109 countries around the world!


What’s the story about Denmark and its success in e-government?
Both the EU and OECD rank Denmark as the number one nation for digital public services. There are a few factors behind this – the first is that Danes have high expectations of being able to work digitally with government, and have a high level of trust in government. This means that we have a very high uptake of digital services; everyone in Denmark gets a secure digital ID, and some services can only be accessed digitally. Business can only communicate electronically with government.

The second is that we have had consistency of strategy and vision for a long time – you can trace it back to 1995, so we have passed the stage where we are focused on infrastructure and front-end digitisation and really spend time now on mission IT.

How would you rate the UK versus this scoreboard?

It’s clear there has been progress since the creation of GDS, and there are parts of the focus on user research that Denmark could learn from. From the outside, though, it sometimes seems there is a bit too much focus on technology and which project management method to use – and maybe not enough on addressing the basics of getting services working and joining up information to help the user.

Why have you decided to sponsor the Think Digital Government 2017 conference later this month?

We think now is a critical time for the UK in so many ways, and without wanting to sound arrogant, maybe there are some things that we have done ‘on the continent’ that are not so bad and could help!

Finally, if we come back to speak to you in six months, what would you like to have achieved?

We would like to see more UK public sector organisations learning from the Danish model, and working with cBrain to achieve the significant time and cost savings seen by their Danish counterparts.


The original article can be found here

cBrain first half results released

cBrain first half results released

First-half results show continued good growth for cBrain, both in Denmark and internationally.

In Denmark cBrain has seen a good order intake, including the first agreement with the Danish regions and a contract with the Ministry of Finance, meaning that more than half of Danish ministerial departments are now using cBrain’s F2 product.
At the same time the Danish State Administration won an annual digitisation award for their solution based on F2, the second time an authority has won the digitisation award using an F2 solution.

On the international side cBrain has announced a win in Germany for delivery of a case system to an authority in the central administration. This is the second tender cBrain has won in in the authority, and means that cBrain will now be increasing efforts in the german market.

cBrain has made good progress in changing the business model from sales of software licences to sales of software subscriptions through cloud services. The new business model is a central element in cBrain’s growth strategy, and gives cBrain a number of competitive advantages both in Denmark and internationally.

Revenue in the first half 2017 grew to 39.7 million DKr,  and earnings before tax (EBT) were 5.9 million DKr.  This equates to EBT of 15%, which is somewhat higher than full year expectations previously announced.

Full results can be found (in Danish) on our Danish site.

Pauline Yau joins cBrain in the UK

Over on LinkedIn Pauline wrote about why she joined cBrain:

Over the last few months I've been working with multiple companies helping them with all kinds of things; G-Cloud submissions, scoping out the opportunity for US tech companies in UK public sector, providing consultancy around commercial models and helping to set up a partner channel.

Besides being in control of...

read more

University College Lillebælt signs up for F2

University College Lillebælt has signed an agreement with cBrain to use F2 case and document management in the cloud as their new digital platform. F2 will be used to support the administrative processes within the university, including case management for the students and internal staff.

University College Lillebælt becomes the 4th education institution to select F2, joining IT University of Copenhagen, Metropol University College, and Roskilde University.

F2 helps the Danish State Administration win national digitization award

Increased user satisfaction, shorter case processing times, and a net saving of 12-14 million Danish Kroner per year.

These were the headline outcomes achieved by the Danish State Administration from their project to transform handling of 'Family Life Events', which was awarded the Judges Special Prize at the National Digitisation Awards hosted by the Danish IT Association on 22nd March in Aarhus.

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Aaron Snow, 18F Executive Director, joins cBrain North America as COO

cBrain is very pleased to announce that Aaron Snow has joined cBrain North America as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). cBrain helps government organizations transform into digital working environments, and Aaron brings a unique level of experience within this field. 

As a former Presidential Innovation Fellow and 18F Executive Director, Aaron helped government agencies build...

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cBrain at Digitaler Staat 2017

This year Denmark is the official partner country for Germany's Digitaler Staat conference, which will be held in Berlin on May 9 and 10.  cBrain, already a partner of the e-Gov Lab, will be at the Danish exhibition stand to present F2 during Digitaler Staat.

Denmark is currently number 1 in the EU's Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), and 80% of all interactions between citizen and government are digital. This year at Digitaler Staat...

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First F2 Pilot Project in the USA

cBrain has signed an agreement with a high profile federal government organization in Washington to pilot the F2 product. 

cBrain is investing significant resources into its international growth plan, and this first pilot project in Washington represents an important milestone...

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