Moving business applications to the cloud is typically a decision made by the IT department, but in reality the business users are the ones who see the most benefit. 

To give an example: when I first joined government I had to work with a set of applications that were six years old. 

By the time I left we were still using the same applications - only now they were eleven years old. 

Being stuck with old versions of software is a typical legacy problem - the longer you leave an update the greater the cost of change, but also the greater the opportunity cost in terms of missed productivity benefits (to say nothing of the security implications of running out of date software).

At cBrain we regularly issue updates to our F2 platform, and we aim to keep all our cloud customers no more than one release behind. So when we issue a new release customers typically upgrade within the following 3 – 6 months. Our cloud customers can be maximum 12 months behind the latest version – which is a pretty significant change – and certainly better than using software that was last updated in 2005!

Being part of ‘The Club’

Because F2 was built specifically for government, being a customer means you are joining a kind of club. 

We can use our platform model to help drive future product direction. Customers start to innovate in how they use our platform, and we can then build support for successful innovations in future releases or new modules that are available to all our customers.

This means that the early adopters can push ahead with their ambitious transformation programmes. And those who are operating to a slower timescale can take advantage of new features and functionality that have already been tested and implemented for other customers.

And because we take care of upgrades with our automated deployment process, customers always have an up-to-date service and avoid the obsolescence and generation leaps that take place with installed software.

cBrain accepted onto G-Cloud 8

Being in the cloud also offers a convenient commercial ‘rental’ model for the software, which avoids large up-front investment. 

This is why we are on government cloud frameworks in Denmark and UK - and have recently been accepted onto the latest iteration of the UK cloud framework: G-cloud 8.

In G-cloud cBrain is offering the F2 digital public administration platform. 

F2 supports standard government work such as case and knowledge processing, along with support for regulatory requirements such as FOI, ministerial correspondence and Public Records Acts.

And along with the software we have developed an understanding of the operational model required to run a digital administration. We can see how government customers have successfully regained control over their data and how adopting best practice leads to more efficiency.

So being part of ‘the club’ means organisations can also get access to tried and tested ways of changing to become a digital public administration - based on seeing what works in other, similar organisations.

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