During my stay at the Danish embassy in Berlin I experienced the transition to 100 % digital archiving, which taught me a lot about how far advanced Danish digitization solutions are.

Maria Djurhuus Petersen

It’s not always a popular decision to switch to a new system. Old systems and habits are comfortable. But occasionally if you invest some time in learning a new system, you will find better ways of doing things. That was at least the case for me when I began as an intern at the Danish embassy in Berlin and was introduced to F2. 

The embassy in Berlin was the first Danish embassy to switch to F2 and today the physical archive is empty. We made a whole extra room available at the embassy just by changing our mindset. That’s a very tangible piece of evidence of a forward thinking approach to Danish diplomacy supported by F2.

Improving knowledge sharing
Especially being an intern at the embassy for a shorter period it was a huge advantage that I could easily follow the workflow of specific tasks and register files with a single click. The system also made it easier for me to search the history of what my department had done before. I could quickly tap into the knowledge we already had in the organisation.

When living and working in Germany I learned that you cannot take that kind of digital foresight for granted. I really appreciate German culture and people but I got surprised by the fact that German society is still largely driven by paper solutions when compared to Denmark.

However, the German government is investing heavily in digitization so I think that eventually you will see a shift toward more digital solutions, too. This summer as a response to the German development, the embassy hired a digitization advisor to focus on driving the Danish digital agenda in Germany forward. Showing the way to a digital future is definitely a management task which I am very pleased to have experienced at the Danish embassy in Berlin.

Even though Denmark is digital frontrunner in Europe I think that we can always improve our own performance as well. In this regard, I am convinced that having the right level of digital ambition and leadership are key to changing. 


Today the room is used as a meeting room.

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