Over on LinkedIn John Janek wrote about joining cBrain North America as CEO:

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best experience you ever had with the government?  Chances are you were getting exactly what you needed, when you needed it.  How did you feel in that interaction?  Happy?  Relieved?  That’s the point of the government.

That’s government at its best.  Services for the people, by the people.

Now, how often have you had a less than stellar experience?  Phone calls with different representatives, multiple times at an office, the dreaded “red tape”!  Did you feel like your needs were being heard?  Was the government responsive?  How did the interaction leave you feeling?

Most importantly - do you more frequently have positive interactions or negative interactions?

I’ve spent the last fifteen years in government solving tough problems to make the government bureaucracy work better.  It is an uphill struggle: government processes are entrenched, they are reinforced by intricate webs of self-justification, and they are often obscured by intentionally opaque communications across a broad swath of offices, bureaus, and departments.  

The task of fixing government is something that consumes entire careers.  I thought for sure that’s where I would spend the length of my service: fixing small problems, taking the wins where I could.

Along the way, I saw that cBrain offered a different way of looking at how government works. It wasn’t just a theory, it wasn’t a proposal.  They had been doing it, partnering with the Danish government to co-design a way for more effective teams, communication, process, and ultimately service delivery.  I knew immediately that it offered exactly what I had spent the better part of fifteen years looking for.  cBrain had spent the better part of fifteen years perfecting it inside Danish ministries in one of the happiest places on earth, partnering with one of the most digital governments on earth.  It is no coincidence that good government and happy people go hand in hand!

As the new CEO for cBrain North America, helping governments solve tough problems by getting their teams to work better together isn’t just a mission - it’s a passion.  And now I get to help governments at every level: local, city, state, and federal.  

For me, it’s a dream job with the easiest opening line ever created.  Every citizen deserves good government.  With cBrain there is an easy and proven way to make a difference where it counts and improve where it matters most: delivery to the citizen.


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